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Welcome to the home page of Applied Land Systems Pty Ltd. Through this site you can discover the services offered by the company and details of projects undertaken by the Director. This site is also a resource for information of interest to those in surveying and the spatial sciences.

Company Mission

To provide measurement and information solutions with a focus on the land around us, through the application of new technologies and quality project management.

Company Profile

Applied Land Systems Pty Ltd has been established to meet a growing need in the community for specialist services related to measurement, geographic information systems (GIS), information system design and project management. Recent developments through the web have exposed more people to the 'where' of everyday activities and events. This provides new opportunities for service providers to take advantage of the efficiencies offered by a range new technologies; however putting these in place requires sound project management by those that understand the capabilities and pitfalls.

Through its Director Robert Twin, Applied Land Systems brings together a range of skills and experience that can be applied to projects big and small to meet this need. These range from field based activities such as surveying and data collection, to GIS, data modelling, project management and web mapping.

Depending on the size of the project the company is able to work independently or through consultancies to bring about change and improved outcomes for your organisation.

Robert Twin - Director
Phone +61 (0)409 840042
Post 3 Schlich Street, Yarralumla, ACT Australia 2600
Office 90B Hector McWilliam Drive, Tuross Head, NSW
Email robert@appliedlandsystems.com.au